The Diva's Origins

"I am a Black Magic Woman"

"I was born to bring beauty into the world"

"I came to San Francisco, California when I was three years old. All during this time, I was fascinated with all things to do with beauty, hair, make-up, fashion. I loved it all. This is when I began to dream of doing hair for the stars."

"Straight out of high school, I got busy on my dream, I attended Hilltop Beauty School and, from there, received my cosmetology license. During my time at Hilltop Beauty School, I entered my first beauty contest. I won!"

"I was on my way!"

"I soon learned that keeping up with the changing world of Beauty meant I would always be attending classes and workshops, perfecting my trade, learning more and more!"

Diva Of The World

"While I was learning the skills to become a Master Stylist, I was also learning about me, becoming Mz. Black Magic. The Diva. I love to travel. I've been to Africa, Alaska, Jamaica, Mexico, and so many other places. Take a look!"

The Diva Elegance

"I'm a connoisseur of fine dining. Living in San Francisco, I made my rounds of The City's best. One of my very favorite places to eat, is Crustaceans. Next time you're looking for a wonderful place to bring someone special, give it a try."

"I like to hang out in bohemian cafes, the kind that serve herbal teas and where artistic types perform their poetry. I like ecclectic art; African art and the sculptures and canvases that reflect my heritage."

Mz. Diva Fashion

"I'm a fashion designer."

"And a fashion DIVA!"

The Diva Groove

"Music makes my world go round. I like ALL KINDS! From R. Kelly to Celine Dion; Rihanna to Marvin Gaye. Funkadelic to Beyonce."

"Dancing is one of the great passions of my life. A sick beat and a hot dance floor definitely brings out my Diva! But I also have a lot of fun learning other cultural dances. This is me at a belly dancing contest."

Diva On The Move

"Moving to Oakland, California marks another chapter in my life. Here is where Black Magic Beauty Lounge was born. Actually, Black Magic has had two incarnations and is currently undergoing a third. The first Black Magic was located in San Leandro and was called Black Magic Hair Care."

"I was at this location for eight years. I had the time of my life here! I participated in numerous Hair Shows, hosted dozens of Photoshoots. There were Champagne socials, Christmas parties Fashion Shows. So many memories! "

"Black Natural Beauty"

"The second incarnation is called Black Magic Beauty Lounge. This Black Magic reflects the vision of my personal evolution into the understanding that the Natural Black Woman is an incredibly beautiful woman."

"The seeds of my vision of Natural Black Beauty began when I was very young. Here I am sporting an afro when afros were far from popular."

"From there, it wasn't far to realizing how beautiful all Black women are...naturally. Some just need a little help bringing out their natural best. Black Magic Beauty Lounge exists for that purpose."

"Nile Goddess wraps also exist for that purpose. To help all Black women recognize their own majestic beauty. And to wear it proudly."

"This is an on-going project still in progress."

"Black Magic Beauty Lounge and Mz. Black Magic's personal vision: EVERY WOMAN IS A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. They are ready and waiting to help you bring out Your Personal Best!"

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